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Ataloops Creative Studio is an online art shop, offering imaginative art products that bring a touch of whimsy to customers’ lives. We provide nature and character-inspired pieces, along with great customer service. Let us know if we can help you in any way! ​


We are a small dedicated business. From selling painted rocks to rainbow loom bracelets, Ataloops creators Aleacia Jensen and Christopher Hedden have been in the art business for over ten years. (Join us on our journey through our blog) 


Although our knowledge has grown and our styles have changed, our philosophy has stayed the same: kindness and creativity are key. 


Our mission is to provide people with art that brightens their day and their living quarters. We believe in valuing our customers, originality, and integrity. We strive to make art that inspires and entertains anyone who happens to stop by. 


Ataloops was named after Loophole, our kitty cat CEO. We combined her name with the word atelier, meaning an artist’s workshop, to arrive at our company’s name. Our logo is based on a chunk of clay (cloud boy), and a robot who might one day be able to paint! 


Christopher Hedden and Aleacia Jensen have been friends for over five years! They both grew up in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, originally meeting at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School. 


Chris has a passion for innovation, art, and plants. His interest in music started at the ripe age of five; currently channeling that talent to create amazing beats. Chris’s art is often mind-bending, dramatic, or folksy. He is currently a student at Purdue University and has a cat named Mr. “Beef” Fog, our manager. 


Aleacia finds inspiration in nature and cartoons by creating worlds with cute creatures and abstract shapes and bodies. She loves creating sculptural pieces and meeting new people. In 2020, she graduated from Purdue University with a degree in studio art and a minor in psychology. During her tenure at university, Aleacia garnered many accolades including second place in the Art & Design Undergraduate Juried Group Exhibition under the metalworking category, among others. 

Thank you to Efe Barlas for helping us grow and being our technical support. Thank you Yigit Karataş for helping us stick many stickers and believing in us. Thank you Uras for the joy you bring into this world and the music you help us create. Thank you Alan AKA "Caco" for the music, it is neat stuff. Thank you to our collaborators, including Carol Farneti Foster. Thank you to all of our friends. Thank you to Purdue University for the opportunity to expand our minds. You are all pretty cool.

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